North Coast Journal (Eureka area), 12 February 2016
Inside the Portland Flights Deal
Basically Eureka/Arcata got the same deal that Redding did for about $75,000 fee waivers.  Penair did not ask for an MRG (Minimum Revenue Guarantee)

North Coast Journal, 26 March 2015
Wing and a Prayer
This is a long article about Humboldt County’s efforts to lure more air service.  Very interesting.  As Paul Kelley was to Sonoma County, they have a member of the county board of supervisors (Shirley Bass) who is actively involved in the efforts to lure airlines.  She and Emily Jacobs have gone to the airline “speed dating” conferences.  Like Chico, the airport operates at a deficit in part to the decreased revenue resulting from decreased commercial service.  This is well worth reading in full.  It underscores what I’ve said about needing a consistent and enthusiastic political supporter to add visibility both with the local population and with the airlines we want to woo.

Herald & News (Klamath Falls), 11 February 2016
TSA Fairness Act promoted to bring air service back to Klamath Falls
Because the TSA has refused to supply screening services in Klamath Falls in order for Penair to begin service to Portland, a bipartisan group of Oregon’s federal legislators have submitted a bill that would require the TSA to provide screening services to airports that lost air service in 2013 or later.  This is not academic since if it happened to Klamath Falls and therefore it could certainly happen to Chico.  I think if this bill goes anywhere we should lobby the City Council to ask Rep. LaMalfa and Senators Boxer and Feinstein to support it.

Supervisors weigh expansion plans for Sonoma County airport

PenAir will start flights to Portland in April

Arcata/Eureka adding air service to Portland

Fly Humboldt Organization

Airline On-Time Statistics and Delay Causes