Meeting Notes for JetChico December Meeting 12/8/16

I) Reviewed outside financing meetings which occurred since last JetChico meeting:

  1. Telephone conference call with David Klein, EB-5 Fundholder.
    • Report- We could use EB-5 funding for the project. It would take a lot of work to do
      so, and several consultants would be necessary to help guide us through the program, and meet the requirements.
  2. Meeting with local developer who is interested in developing the air terminal project.
    • Report- A prominent local developer is very interested in developing the air terminal project himself. The details of how this would work with the City need to be worked out.

II) Reviewed Chico State Construction Management Outputs:

  1. A detailed cost analysis of the project is available. The construction costs only were evaluated, and it should be noted that some necessary expenses (permits, engineering, architectural services, etc. are not included)
  2. A detailed construction timeline is available.

III) Jerry Hight’s notes from his meetings with Team Chico were read and noted. They included:

  1. City and Team Chico acknowledge JetChico as the de facto airport development group.
  2. The idea of the City possibly pledging a percentage (1%) of TOT to the travel bank was proposed at the Team Chico meeting. That would amount to $100K.
  3. The need for a JetChico presentation to the Chamber to help coordinate effort and messaging.

IV) Travel Bank Discussion

  1. How to structure? Who to approach? How to handle?

V) To do:

  1. Evaluate Aviation Demand Forecast when available.
  2. Meet with City regarding potential pathways to achieve commercial air service.
  3. Determine what programs, grants, funding can be used for project.
  4. Determine structure of Travel Bank. What are other airports doing?
  5. Continue to develop community awareness and support.

Next JetChico Meeting – Thursday, January 12