Great News!

As most of you know, the City of Chico received a $500,000 SCASD grant (Small Community Air Service Development grant from the Department of Transportation). This was announced a couple weeks ago and will go a long way toward funding the commercial airline incentive package we have been working on for so long. This, added to the city contribution, means that we already have over $600,000 in incentive funds that will go a long way toward securing an airline’s service commitment.
Also, this means that JetChico is back in business and will soon be able to get things going toward returning Commercial Air Service to our airport. The City is issuing an RFP for marketing support that will be directed at helping us both provide additional funds for the Revenue Guarantee Fund and initiate the Air Travel Bank that we have talked about for so long. It is this event that JetChico has been waiting for and means that we are moving forward. As soon as the City has contracted with a marketing firm, JetChico will meet to discuss the whole marketing program with them and develop projects that JetChico members can actually work on to help.
All interested parties are invited to come and participate. Just let us know of you interest ( ). There will be no meetings or anything until the marketing contract is completed as we do not want to waste peoples time until there is something concrete to work on. Stay tuned as meetings will be announced on this website.

Greg Sanger