In Attendance:

  • Norm Rosene
  • John Strisower
  • Greg Fischer
  • Karl Ory
  • Jerry Hight
  • Steve Gonsalves
  • Mike Antolock
  • John Wolley
  • Matt York
  • Kelley Crockett

Meeting Minutes/Notes:

Norm Rosene:

  • Where we’ve been in the last two years – dropped SkyWest service, failure to attract new service
    • Looking at new 70 passenger regional jet service
    • Working with Laura Urseny at Chico ER — she’ll publish a news release when we are ready

Matt York:

Operates a Facebook page (Flychico) that will be transferred to this group under John/GoChip administration

Steve Gonsalves (Nichols Melburg and Rosetto – Architects & Engineers Terminal Design Concept Presentation:

  • Mead and Hunt design looked at — Allegiant proposition for Chico 2013
    • Based on five sandwiched portable buildings
    • Addition to existing facility added 108 seats for passenger waiting
    • Bathrooms were not adequate in this design
    • Only had one baggage screening carrousel
  • Renovation of existing terminal to make it Arrivals and build of new terminal for Departures
    • Gut all improvements made to existing facility
    • No space for rental cars (look at revenue generation potential to assess)
  • Next iteration modifications:
    • Room available for rental car kiosk and area
    • Roll up doors for baggage handling
    • Leave bathrooms alone
    • Retain conference room
    • Kept 36 foot separation between buildings
    • Designed covering (rain/weather) in between
    • Need for TSA office space (to be added)
    • 2 TSA stations and bag check lines
    • Private screening offices
    • Restrooms
    • 16′ longer than existing building
    • 105 seats added
    • 3D and animated versions to come in future meetings

Mike Antolock – design feedback:

  • Creates hardship for TSA and airline employees
  • Suggests arrival and departure baggage handling should be co-located and that if we retain existing area (south end of current terminal) we would not need to reroute baggage cart traffic or redo gates, etc…
  • We should plan for multiple flights and carriers so more seating will be needed as well as flexible baggage handling
    • Redding has capacity for 210 to accommodate multiple planes on the tarmac

Kelley Crockett:

  • Where is the voice of the citizens in this?  Chico State survey indicated poor usage – contrasted by AVports report…
    • The group agreed that engaging the public and marketing will take place down the road once the vision and plan is more thoroughly established